Benji Rabhan: Appointment Optimization Innovator Benji solves the toughest appointment-related challenges through industry specific research, custom strategy, and appointment optimization technology.

How Can Benji Help Your business?

Industry-Specific Research

Through industry-specific research, Benji studies the variables that affect the number of closed appointments and subsequent no-shows, which differ by industry and individual company. These variables include generational differences, appointment-setting process intricacies, sales cycle length, prospect demographics, prospect psychographics, product price points, and more.


Custom Strategy

The number of successful appointments and no-shows is affected in different ways by each appointment-related variable. These variables and their weights vary by industry and individual company. Benji helps companies with unique appointment-related challenges to identify the specific issues that cause them and helps them close the gaps that have prevented optimal success.


Appointment Optimization Technology

Benji helps his clients by studying and measuring the effectiveness of the tools currently available to assist his clients in increasing their success. Benji makes specific recommendations to his clients about the best tools for their needs and assists in customization and implementation of these solutions.


Benji takes a deep dive into each industry and company he works with. Whether working with small businesses or Fortune 500 companies, Benji takes a data-driven approach to solving the tough challenges that his clients face. While analytics, data, and statistics are at the heart of much of Benji’s work, he goes beyond the numbers and sees the bigger picture.

Benji Rabhan
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