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12 Nov

In Which the Company Gets a New Wardrobe

Sometimes during fast stages of growth, things get outdated quickly and it takes a while to notice - like a teenager who is suddenly three inches too tall for his jeans. Morris Mediaworks and it's subsidiaries has been fortunate since January 2010, experiencing a prolonged stage of fast growth and expansion. And we recently decided that the company needs new pants.

Well, not really new pants, but some new organization and branding. So, we're rebranding under one umbrella company - MorrisCore. This overarching brand will consist of three distinct smaller companies, each with their own job to do and team of specialists.

ConversionCore will be in charge of all our conversion rate consulting, including Adwords quality score consulting.

ClickCore will be in charge of web design, web development, and marketing strategy - basically, the implementations.

InfusionCore will be our software development and automated time-management division.

The intent is to make life easier for my teams and our clients. I'm grateful to be working with such amazingly talented people, and I'm hopeful that this restructuring will provide room for even more growth and expansion in the future.

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