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30 Jul

Benji’s Articles Syndicated To Yahoo! Small Business!

If you've been following Benji's most recent posts, you know that Benji recently posted a two-part series on conversion rate optimization in Business2Community.

These articles received such a good response for the B2C readership, his articles were both syndicated to the Yahoo! Small Business section!

Here is an excerpt from each piece, educating readers on the new wave of web optimization, conversion rate optimization:

"'Conversion rate optimization' is a relatively recent expression assumed to have evolved from 'search engine optimization.' The idea is to make every webpage as effective as possible at getting customers to 'convert' from one stage in the desired process to the next. This can mean anything from clicking on a page to buying a product.

There are two types of conversion rates: micro and macro. It’s important to differentiate between the two. Micro-conversion rates measure small-scale conversions. Macro-conversion rates measure larger conversions. Most macro-conversions are made up of several micro-conversions."

To read the full article, please visit the original post here.

"Split testing is the best way to find out which change has the greatest effect on your website conversions. Split testing is the idea of splitting traffic to your site — with one half going to one version of the page, while the other half visits a different version of the same page. Whichever page posts a higher conversion rate is the winner."

To read the full article, please visit the original post here.

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