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04 Oct

Benji Shares “Test Before You Test” Strategy on Good Men Project

Recently, Benji shared advice about how to implement the “Test Before You Test” strategy into your life on the Good Men Project.

The “Test Before You Test” strategy involves setting up real-life scenarios that mimic your ideas in order to see if they would excel in the real world.  If they don’t, you’ve saved yourself a significant investment of time and money.

Benji suggests that the “Test Before Your Test” strategy will increase your successfulness in life overall:

“It’s easy to measure risk and payoff in business because you can assign a dollar value to each outcome. But in your personal life, the risks are emotional and personal. We can all identify a time when we took a risk and ended up disappointed or upset because of it. Although life is unpredictable, using Test Before You Test can reduce your risk and help you build a better life.

Over time, using Test Before You Test to help you make decisions can have a snowball effect. Your desire for happiness can be achieved faster and with more successes than failures. I’ve found this to be true for my personal life, my business, and my family.”

You can find the original post on Good Men Project here.


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