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08 Oct

Benji Shares Predictions for Future in AllBusiness Experts

Last week, Benji joined the Young Entrepreneurial Council (YEC) in sharing hopes for where they’d like their company to be in 10 years.  The post was featured in AllBusiness Experts and is part of a continuous promotion for #StartupLab - a free mentorship program for entrepreneurs founded by the YEC.

When asked where he sees his company 10 years from now, Benji shares that his core motivation lies in subsidizing startups and creating a happy work life for his employees:

“In 10 years, I predict that my company will have spun off at least six successful subsidiary startups, which will all be run by someone other than myself. My core team members will love their new jobs in the family or will be at the point where things are good enough for them to consider early retirement.”

You can find the original post on AllBusiness Experts here.

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