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24 Jul

Benji Shares CRO Expertise in Business2Community Two-Part Series

A thought leader in conversion rate optimization, Benji recently posted a two-part series on the subject in Business2Community.

His first piece, Micro and Macro: Optimizing Website Conversions, gives an intro to conversion rate optimization (CRO), explains the difference between macro and micro conversions, and gives expert tips on testing and tracking conversion rates on your own site.

Here is an excerpt from Benji's piece:

"If your business uses the Internet as a means to gather leads or sales for your company, then tracking conversion rates and testing your website are both extremely important.

While the ultimate goal is to optimize the bottom line conversion rate, each contributing micro-conversion is a necessary step towards the goal. If you increase the conversion rate from the home page to the product page by 50 percent, that percentage will, in theory, trickle down to the bottom line conversion and increase the overall rate as well.

Now, in real life, we know increasing micro-conversion rates doesn’t always translate perfectly to the bottom line conversion. But if you’re looking at the same metrics at the same time, you can see how improvements in your micro-conversion rates are affecting your bottom line conversion rate. This will tell you where to focus your resources."

To read the full article, please visit the original post here.

Stayed tuned for part two in the series!

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