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26 Aug

Benji Contributes Innovation Tips to Airing News

Benji and the Young Entrepreneurial Council (YEC) continue to promote #StartupLab, a free virtual mentorship program that helps entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.  To shine a light on their new program, Benji and YEC members recently contributed to Airing News.


Recognizing that startups must innovate before they can succeed, Benji recommends giving new concepts a test run before implementing them in the real world:

“We use a methodology I call “Test Before You Test,” and it allows us to test an idea or concept in a low-cost environment before we even try it in the real world. Rather than surveying customers or spending a fortune on theoretical market research, we run data-gathering tests on real customer behavior in a simulated environment. This lets us see how successful we’ll be before launching.”


You can find the original post on Airing News here.

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