#1 ON AMAZON AND BARNES & NOBEL of ”Failure is obsolete”

Failure is Obsolete

The Ultimate Strategy to Create Recurring Success in your Business and Your Life

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“Simple Formula for Online Success” John Fancher
“Simple, Life-Changing Concept!” Susan Kruger
“Amazing Book” SEO/PPC Bookworm
“Lean methods for everyday businesses” Joshua Long
“Failure is Obsolete” Stewart Walton
“Required reading for anyone…” Ted Moskovitz

Convert Every Click

The Ultimate Guide to Create More Online Revenue with Conversion Rate Optimization

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“One of the smartest conversion guys I know” Perry Marshall
“A ‘Must Read’ for Any Biz Owner” Susan Kruger
Benji writes about

Success in Business

Make the right decisions for sustainable growth, whether you’re already successful or struggling to move forward.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Find out how to use this scientific process to improve performance throughout your business or organization.

Split Testing

Discover how Google, Amazon, and thousands of other companies continually improve their online results by split testing different versions of their web pages.

Life Optimization

Use this strategy to move forward quickly and confidently through any challenge or crossroad you encounter.

Entrepreneurial Inspiration

Combine your entrepreneurial spirit with sound business practices and turn you passion into a fulfilling and profitable business.

Success with Websites

The smart way to use websites to predict success in any endeavor.
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