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Benji has been helping other people improve their online presence and make more money with their websites since he was 13 years old when he built his first ecommerce website for a client. An unconventional child, he has always been driven to make things better, faster, and stronger. He’s come from being the 7th grader who lead a team of fellow middle school students to physically networking an entire school (he built his school to be the most connected in the district with multiple computers in every room) to consulting with multi-million dollar companies and helping them continue to grow despite a challenging economic environment.

As a multi-talented entrepreneur, Benji has diverse real-world experience in website design, coding, graphic design, conversion rate testing, pay-per-click advertising and online marketing. Because of this extensive background, he is able to take a holistic approach to improving his clients’ online businesses. While analytics data and statistics formulas are at the heart of much of Benji’s work, he goes beyond the cold hard numbers and looks at the bigger picture. He is able to interpret the story behind the numbers and how that story can be made better. That unique ability translates into hundreds of thousands of dollars in added revenue for each of his clients.

Recently, Benji has been recognized for his outstanding achievements as an entrepreneur. In November, 2011, he was honored at the White House in Washington D.C. as one of the Empact100 award recipients. This honor is given to the top 100 American entrepreneurs under the age of 30.

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ROI-Focused Web Services
Your website needs to be more than just pretty to succeed in today’s competitive online marketplace.
Get More Conversions
How well your website converts visitors into customers determines its value to your company.
Time Saving Marketing Systems
Investing in timesaving automated marketing systems allows your business to grow and increase profits.
Automate Your Infusionsoft Appointments
AppointmentCore is the easiest way to create and share appointments with your prospects or customers!
What does benji do when he is not working?
When Benji isn’t helping other companies succeed, you will probably find him doing something awesome like jumping out of a plane, driving a tank or spending quality time with his wife, Jenna.
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